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Need To Know


Monomyth Games is an indie game company which was started in 2015. As long-time consumers, we are finally delving into the hallowed alchemy that is game production. Visual and world design are crucial elements, and gameplay binds the entire concoction together, but more than anything, we see gaming as the most exciting, uncharted storytelling platform around today - maybe ever. Our goal is to explore gaming as a cathartic, emotionally-draining, nerve-wracking, bone-rattling, inspirational narrative medium. In short, we want to make The Godfather or The Truman Show of video games - even if it takes us some time to perfect the recipe.



Need to Know - Kickstarter project trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "Art imitates life."
      - Edward Snowden, Twitter
    • "Surveillance is an important issue [...], but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with the topic."
      - Chloe Olewitz, Digital Trends
    • "Reeeeeeaaaaally exciting project. If I could pick one game on Kickstarter this year that'd reach its funding instantly, it'd be this one... please."
      - Kristin Knillmann, GIGA.DE

    Need to Know website
    The website for Need to Know can be found at monomyth-games.com.

    Need to Know on Kickstarter
    The successful Kickstarter campaign for Need to Know can be found at kickstarter.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Quincy Geary
    Founder, Technical Director, Programmer

    Tristram Geary
    Founder, Creative Director, Writer

    Byron Son
    Composer, Sound Designer

    Alison Reinglass
    Art Director

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